Furniture Storage in Hickory, Newton & Lenoir, NC

Furniture Storage in Hickory, Newton & Lenoir, NC

Our furniture storage services in Hickory could be just the solution you are looking for.

There are a number of situations that could arise that leave you needing furniture storage in Hickory, Newton or Lenoir, NC, and while you might first think of traditional storage facilities, we want to offer you another option. At Preferred Moving Company, LLC, we can take care of your furniture storage because of relocation or any other reason. What makes us even better than using a typical storage facility is that we'll even come get it and safely transport it to our secure and spacious facility.

The most common reason to need furniture storage related to a move is when there is a gap of time between when you must leave your current home and when you can move into the new one. This could be just a few days, or if you are active military, it could be weeks, months or even years.

Another situation in which you might need furniture storage is during a remodeling project. Rather than fill one room with furniture from the room you are renovating or shuffle the pieces around during a flooring project, let us come pick up the items and store them, and then return them when your project is complete. This makes your project go much smoother and avoids potential damage to your furniture.

Whatever the reason is that you have furniture that cannot remain where it is but has no place to go, turn to us for the solution. Our furniture storage services will make the situation simpler for you, and it is much easier than figuring out how to transport them to a regular storage facility. Call us today with any questions you may have and to get an estimate for furniture storage.