Home Packing, Hickory, Newton & Lenoir, NC

Don't feel bad about hating home packing - everyone does! Let our Hickory professionals handle it for you.

Ask anyone what the worst thing about moving is, and they'll likely say it's home packing. It is always more time-consuming than you expect, and what you estimate at just a day or two can often take a week or longer due to time constraints and other things on your plate. Rather than stress about it, give us a call at Preferred Moving Company, LLC and ask about our home packing services. Or, if you do choose to do your own home packing, we can supply you with the moving boxes and packing supplies that you will need.

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily an all-or-nothing situation. We are more than happy to handle the more fragile and awkward packing while you handle the other things. We also offer customized crates for ultimate protection of your electronic equipment and other expensive items. Also, don't worry if you have gotten part way through the home packing and then threw up your arms in frustration. We don't mind you passing the torch to us part way through the endeavor.

In addition to doing home packing, we can also do the unpacking once your items are at their final destination. Again, this can be as a complete or a partial service. Some homeowners, for example, prefer to take care of putting clothing away themselves but are more than happy to let someone else set up the kitchen, or vice versa. Give us a call today, and we'll be happy to sit down with you to discuss what home packing services would be the most beneficial for your situation and provide you with an estimate for your entire move.