It isn't every company that seeks to disrupt its domain of business, but that's what we aim for at Preferred Moving Company. We're changing the moving industry by showcasing what it means to wear your heart on your sleeve everyday when you go to serve people. This takes exceptional attention to detail, along with exceptional people. And that's where you come in.

Who's a Good Fit Here?

We're seeking driven individuals who thrive on innovating, thinking big, focusing in, teaming up... and doing all of this very, very well. If this sounds like you, then you're our kind of teammate. We'll go the extra mile to find and hire you, enhance your skills and talents, and ensure that you succeed here.

We are looking to fill Crew Leader/Driver & Moving Specialist positions within our ranks. No experience is required to start at an entry level but we do search for a few key qualities and characteristics. What makes an ideal candidate?

The type of person who believes hard work is a badge of honor. The person who says "I can" versus " I can't". The person who doesn't wait to be told to improve their abilities, they craft them because they want to be a better person. The individual who lives by their word, because their word is their bond.

You know who you are.

There's another component to making it on our all-star team as well. The ability to think through things and problem solve. You've gotta have the brain power to match the physical power of the job. Not just someone who puts their shoulder to the wheel, but someone who knows how to use their GPS as well!

Pay & Perks:

  • Pay starts at $16/hr for Crew Leaders/Drivers and $14/hr for non-lead positions. As you are training in order to work into the position you may earn less but can work up the pay ladder. Training can take anywhere from 2 weeks - 6 months or more depending on experience & overall ability.
  • Overtime opportunity
  • Travel to different places daily!
  • Workout while you get paid
  • Incredible culture and atmosphere for GROWTH & WINNING

Job Requirements:

  • MUST be physically in good condition of course
  • MUST be drug/alcohol free
  • MUST be 18+, 21+ for driving positions
  • MUST have reliable transportation everyday for work like a car, not a bike or bus pass
  • MUST be willing to drive our large 26ft box trucks, don't worry, if you don't know how
  • we can train you
  • MUST be willing to take on responsibility of a crew leader once trained and able to see
  • jobs all the way through
  • MUST be favorable to manual labor work and getting your hands dirty!
  • MUST be clean cut and well-mannered
  • We encourage all to appy: military background, college degree, in pursuit of degree, &
  • no degree!

Start Work Immediately!

If you've read all the way to this point and aren't scared away then here's exactly what you need
to do: TO BE CONSIDERED: Please fill out the form below and FILL IN ALL INFORMATION . Don't leave anything blank, otherwise we can't pass judgement on you!

DO NOT CALL US PLEASE! We would love to speak with you but we get so many phone
calls all day that EMAIL IS MUCH BETTER