Moving Services, Newton, NC

We’re available to provide moving services to customers moving to and from Newton.

Moving Services in Newton, North Carolina
If you’re preparing for a move, you might be feeling overwhelmed by everything that goes into this process. Between packing, cleaning, organizing, loading, and unloading, a move can quickly become a source of stress for everyone involved. Instead of taking on the weight of the burden yourself, trust our team at Preferred Moving Company, LLC to handle a variety of moving services. We’re available to provide moving services to customers moving to and from Newton, North Carolina.

Our experienced movers can lift your items into the truck and drive it to your new home, but we offer more than just the traditional moving services. Some of our customers need customized solutions for complex moves, which we are happy to accommodate. In addition, we’re available for long-distance moving, as well as moves that are just around the corner. Senior citizens often need help with moving services because lifting heavy items and carrying them into the new house is not safe or recommended. We offer discounted pricing for our valued senior customers. Certain pieces of furniture are too large to be moved in a truck while assembled, so we can easily dissemble the items and reassemble them upon arrival to your new residence.

When you rely on our team at Preferred Moving Company, LLC, you can reduce the stress that tends to come with a big move, giving you more time to focus on the exciting aspects of the experience. Our prices are reasonable for all moving services, so contact us today for an estimate.


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