Furniture StorageFor one reason or another, many of us plan to relocate with the intention of moving back to our original city at a later time. Moving is expensive, and it doesn’t always make sense to take your furniture with you if you are only relocating for a short period of time. Whether you are moving overseas for a short time, moving in with a parent to help with care, or heading out on a deployment, there are many reasons you might want to put your furniture in storage for the time being. If you’re located in North Carolina, Preferred Moving Company, LLC is the perfect furniture storage solution you are looking for.

Our storage facilities are clean and well-maintained. We have multiple size options, so you can choose a unit that is best suited for your needs without overpaying for extra storage you don’t need. We have all the packing materials you will need if you’d like to wrap up your furniture to help keep it in the best condition possible. And of course, we are available to move your furniture from your home into our furniture storage unit and back out when you are ready to use your furniture again.

Furniture is a relatively big investment, and isn’t cheap to replace if it gets damaged. Moving furniture around can weaken it, leaving you with less life in your furnishings and having to replace them sooner. Our furniture storage will keep your furniture in mint condition while you are away, and it will be ready to be moved back into your home when you return. We look forward to helping you with all your furniture storage needs.